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Types Of Mortgages For Homeowners

I have wanted to write a tutorial on the types of mortgages available to homeowners both purchase and refinance for a long time. I notice most information out there is either incomplete, poorly organized, or just plain wrong. However, I must confess the delay in writing this article has been my own inability to organize […]

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Get Our Free Mortgage Reduction Calculator Software

I wanted to let your know how to get our free mortgage reduction calculator software called the Ultimate 6-in-1 Mortgage Calculator Software and how to get the most out of it once you download it. But before we get started, I wanted to explain why we created this mortgage software in the first place. After […]

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Mortgage License Search Online

For a consumer knowing how to do a mortgage search online to confirm your potential mortgage broker has a valid license in your state is paramount. Protecting yourself from unscrupulous mortgage companies starts with determining if said company holds the proper license to originate mortgages. Since the mortgage meltdown government officials have upped the ante […]

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Calculate Mortgage Payments On The Go

When I first started in the mortgage business way back almost 20 years ago, knowing how to calculate a mortgage payment by hand while in the car or away from a computer posed a challenge for many of my colleagues. But not for me! I had just come from my Master program in Finance where […]

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Application for mortgage financing can be intimidating. Especially these days when your initial contact with a loan officer or mortgage company is on the phone or through the web. The 1003 application form gets delivered to you and you have to review and sign it all by yourself. Do you understand everything on that 1003 […]

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