Please read through our testimonials from real folks who got enough from our site or programs to actually sit down and write us. Real words from real people…


“I have an electronic version of your book about yield spread premiums. I am so happy with my Mortgage Advantage purchase! I no longer feel overwhelmed by the mortgage process. I have degrees in Finance and International Business and still found the information incredibly useful and valuable. It’s like watching a magic trick and understanding the sleight of hand and how it really works for the first time. I wanted to cry when I looked at the closing statement from our first mortgage. There’s a 1% origination fee plus a 2.475% YSP.

We were overcharged thousands of dollars and didn’t receive the best mortgage product for our needs (I’m guessing the kickback wasn’t as good.) Our realtor referred us to our mortgage broker and they persuaded us against going with a bank, even though the rate was 1/8% cheaper due to the quick close required.

Now I just have to find the right mortgage professional to consider refinancing…”

Angela Brown

“Thank you, thank you Rob and Terri for all you have done and all the money I’ve saved. God knows where I would be now if I had not heard of your show.”

Cobey Myers

“Thank you so much for this explanation - this was the last piece of information needed to answer my questions!

I really appreciate that you took the time to answer all my emails and questions - I definitely don’t take this for granted.

Your website, your Mortgage Advantage book and your explanations were instrumental in becoming aware of the potential mortgage loopholes and in avoiding them in the end - as it looks now. It’s really great that you make this information available.

I wish you much continued success with your info business.”

Werner W.

“I’m glad I found your site. It is very informative and comprehensive with regards to the information for mortgage services.”

Barbara E.

“I read the book and the information was fantastic.

While I have not had the opportunity to use any of your information I now know about them. I looked back at the paperwork from my last mortgage and noticed the 2.5% that went to the broker and know not to let that happen again. ”

Torrey Tesch

“I also want to thank you for providing information on your site about “yield-spread premiums.” I read the testimony by the Harvard professor on the topic.

And I appreciate getting the daily rate at your site, as I am shopping to refinance my mortgage.”

Ryan Carr

“I found your website gave me a lot of answers to questions that I have asked for a long time. With our home that we bought in July 2007, we were charged .75% for Poc (Brokers Fee) and on top of that 1.125% for the Origination Fee. Now, in the beginning my broker told me that it is possible that he could get us 5.50% interest rate (everything was vague) and upon closing it ended up as 7.124%.

Also waiting for closing took longer than expected and I called many times a week to find out what was going on and why it was taking so long. They said they were waiting on the loan company to get the paperwork back to them.

After reading information on your site… made sense they were waiting for the percentage rates to be in their favor.

I appreciate your site and the materials that you have available for individuals like me who are completely naive to how things work in the mortgage industry. Next time, I will be in control of the outcome for a win-win situation. ”


Diane Rose Phillips

“I want to thank you for several things and wanted to take a minute to do so.

Using your process that I went through 2 times this weekend, sleeping only 6 hours to do so, I was able to find an outstanding Broker in Marietta, Georgia (about 25 miles North of Atlanta). I found her, and other well qualified Brokers thanks to your guidance.

Out of all the Brokers I contacted, only 3 were willing to work with me on a total 1% commission. So many others would not discuss YSP, wanted 3% commission on a $400k loan we need, tried to explain away the YSP as being GOOD for me and my families future (cough, gag, ah-yaaahh!) or simply refused to discuss anything else with me after I got to question 4-5 on the prepared sheets you created for us.

Thanks to your process, we have saved thousands of dollars, gained a VALUABLE asset in a referable Honest, Integrity Drive, Ethical and family oriented company. I have already sent her 3 of my closest friends! What a reward she has received and we have gained!

Thank you again for your process and for your time, I hope that everyone I send your way, buys your program and that they receive the same benefits and knowledge that I have received from it!”

Sincerest Thanks,

Scott Vincent


I wanted to let you know yesterday went off without a hitch. I made it perfectly clear that I was not going to be penalized for my commission based income, nor was I to pay any YSP. The look on his face when I quoted him the current rate was well worth the price of my system.

Knowing exactly how much and the means by which he was making his money made the process much less daunting. The confidence I had walking away from the table after locking (in writing) was a wonderful feeling. It’s nice to know you didn’t get conned into buying swampland and a couple of bridges on the side.

You saved me money, time, and much consternation, for which I am truly grateful.

Most of all thank you for your honesty.”

J. Turra

“The Mortgage Advantage not only gives you bedrock info on how the mortgage racket works, it gives you an a-b-c script for finding the best brokers and the best deals. The system comes complete with an interview script that can free a shy or self doubting user from finding and securing a best-deal mortgage.

In three days, I had my broker and my deal-a rock bottom beauty with a less than 1 per cent fee and no hidden costs…

Before I bought The Mortgage Advantage, which is saving me literally thousands in extra mortgage dollars, I was recommending the Mortgage Insiders to friends. Now, I recommend everything the site has to offer.

Rob and Terri are unique people in the business world in general, and without equal in the largely treacherous mortgage industry.

I recommend the Mortgage Insiders and The Mortgage Advantage without qualification.”


Michael Wrought

“I just wanted to thank you and Terri for two very successful refinances. I refinanced my primary residence and a rental property with you. We accomplished this simultaneously, and everything went very, very well.

I am quite diligent when it comes to numbers and financial details. When I had questions, both you and Terri were incredibly prompt and thorough with your answers.

I very much appreciate your depth of knowledge in the mortgage industry. I originally heard you on your radio show. Being a natural skeptic I listened several times to your show and I read your book. I then researched the Yield Spread Premium amounts on my previous property acquisitions and refinances (a total of eleven of them!). And since I didn’t go through a bank (thank goodness) every single one of them showed an YSP amount. Unbelievable!

I am so glad you and Terri and the aptly-named Integrity First Mortgage are out there helping those of us who, even though are very detail-oriented, still need to be shown how we are being ripped-off! I am telling everyone about you, and my sister is hoping you’ll move to Oregon!”

My highest regards,

Heidi Van Sickle