Media Inquiries / On-Air Requests

If you’re interested in interviewing Rob K. Blake or mentioning the site in your publication/website/show, please contact Mr. Blake below, and we’ll get back to you shortly. As we’re fully aware of the deadlines that journalists face, we work fast in responding to any requests, and can provide research or assistance in locating information for articles as needed.

Rob K. Blake

On-Air Requests

We realized sometimes you need a guest quickly! Use this form to contact Mr. Blake for immediate response to on-air interview requests!

I am on the phone a lot but often I can cut short the call and accommodate last minute interview requests. I can read these form contacts anytime…anywhere…and I’ll respond within minutes of the submission confirming or denying if the proposed time is acceptable.

Use this format to request an on-air or off-air interviews. Just fill in the form blanks then cut-n-past the following text into the message area of your email…edit with your information.

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Time of Proposed Interview: 10 am EST
Host Name: Jimmy Barret
Media Outlet: WXYT AM 1270
Interview Length: 40 minutes
Call in Phone: 1-248-xxx-xxxx
Producer Email & Phone To Confirm: scotta, 1-248-xxx-xxxx
Topic To Discuss: topic of interest

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Send your email to rblake (at sign)

Thank you