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TARP Funds 42 Rural Banks

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As of January 30, 2009, the U.S. Treasury reached out to 42 more banks with TARP - CPP funds for the week. For the first time, Arizona and Nebraska banks are on the list showing the Treasury’s desire to strengthen rural banks or what they call Community Development Financial Institutions (CDFIs).

Rural Banks (CDFIs) Get TARP Money

According to the press release, since October, the CPP has fund a total of “$195.33 billion in 359 institutions in 45 states and Puerto Rico. To date, the largest investment was $25 billion and the smallest investment was approximately $1 million.”

Who got the $25 Billion…I wonder? How about Citigroup and Bank of America got $25 Billion each…that’s who.

Oh, yea the mega-banks got the bulk of the money, but the Treasury still cares about your local bank too, right?

Ha! Who do they think they are kidding?

The following is a complete list of banks receiving funding on January 30, 2009:


Rogers Bancshares, Inc.


Goldwater Bank, N.A.


Beach Business Bank

Central Valley Community Bancorp

Ojai Community Bank

Peninsula Bank Holding Co.

Plumas Bancorp

Valley Commerce Bancorp


Bankers’ Bank of the West Bancorp, Inc.


First Southern Bancorp, Inc.


Metro City Bank


PrivateBancorp, Inc.


AMB Financial Corp.


Equity Bancshares, Inc.

UBT Bancshares, Inc.


Monument Bank

Annapolis Bancorp, Inc.

First United Corporation


Katahdin Bankshares Corp.


Firstbank Corporation

Flagstar Bancorp, Inc.
$266,657,000 < --------Boy Howdy ...Look at this one! Missouri Guaranty Federal Bancshares, Inc. $17,000,000 North Carolina Oak Ridge Financial Services, Inc. $7,700,000 Nebraska Adbanc, Inc $12,720,000 Country Bank Shares, Inc. $7,525,000 New Hampshire Northway Financial, Inc. $10,000,000 New Jersey Community Partners Bancorp $9,000,000 Hilltop Community Bancorp, Inc. $4,000,000 Parke Bancorp, Inc. $16,288,000 Stewardship Financial Corporation $10,000,000 Ohio Peoples Bancorp Inc. $39,000,000 Pennsylvania DNB Financial Corporation $11,750,000 First Resource Bank $2,600,000 South Carolina Greer Bancshares Incorporated 9,993,000 Tennessee F & M Bancshares, Inc. $4,609,000 Texas Central Bancshares, Inc. $5,800,000 Virginia Central Virginia Bankshares, Inc. $11,385,000 Middleburg Financial Corporation $22,000,000 WashingtonFirst Bank $6,633,000 Washington W.T.B. Financial Corporation $110,000,000 Wisconsin Anchor BanCorp Wisconsin Inc. $110,000,000 Legacy Bancorp, Inc. $5,498,000-------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Is your bank on the list?Is your mortgage holder bank on the list?Good Luck!

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