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Top 5 States Housing Hit Hardest - In Dollars

I just read this article showing the dollar amount lost by homeowners because of the recession. We have all seen stories about the percentage of property values lost but I guess it is still very sobering for me to see an actual dollar amount. This probably won’t be a shock to you but California is […]

Number Five Complaint - Application Fee

Whether you are buying or refinancing, you will have to pay an application fee or an appraisal fee upfront. This comes as quite a shock to some people and they are not sure what exactly it is for. Number Five Complaint Paying an Application/Appraisal Fee The application fee or appraisal fee is usually around $400 […]

Number Four Complaint - The Interest Rate

Deciding if you are getting a good rate on your mortgage and then locking in that rate can be terrifying. First, you are not sure if you are getting the best rate since mortgage rates are splashed everywhere and they are always lower than the ones being quoted to you! And then, when to lock. […]

Number Three Complaint - Mortgage in Underwriting Too Long

I think I say this about every complaint but this is so frustrating. You work with the loan officer, get all the documentation together, and are told the loan is in underwriting. So you wait, and wait, and then you call, email, call again. Nothing. No one can give you a real answer about why […]

Number Two Complaint - Low Appraised Value

One of the most frustrating things that could happen when you are in the process of getting a mortgage is when the appraisal comes in less than you and your loan officer expected. It can leave you feeling helpless, angry, and confused because it will most likely change the entire loan and worst case scenario, […]

Top Five Mortgage Reviews

We put together the Top 5 mortgage reviews on our website based on traffic. Some of these companies do retail origination only and others originate and service mortgages. So, the posts may be more about modifications or servicing problems like escrows or transfers or they may be about obtaining a mortgage like rates or closing […]

Top 5 Complaints Getting a Mortgage

There are probably a million complaints about getting a mortgage but these are the top 5 we ran into when we originated mortgages and our readers have voiced to us. Number One Complaint Repeated Requests for Documentation This could be one of two things. One, there is a piece of information on a document you […]