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Archive for November, 2008

Here’s the question…then the answer. “We, the buyers, signed a purchase agreement with a Realtor/seller two days before the seller’s bank bought home at a foreclosure auction. Are we still bound to the original purchase price agreement we signed with the Realtor/seller? We are still interested in the property, can we make another lower offer [...]

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Timothy Geithner May Be New Treasury Head

Timothy Geithner, president, Federal Reserve Bank of New York, was named President-elect Obama’s pick to run Paulson’s recreation of the “all-powerful” Treasury Department. Geithner will inherit more power than any other Cabinet post in my opinion and yet he is the least experienced. Obama Picks a Clone To Run Treasury Obama and Geithner have a [...]

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This is a great question because I’ll bet a $100,000 not one mortgage broker in a thousand knows the answer to the question or abides by the rules. Lender Redisclosure Requirements Redisclosure rules are set down in the Real Estate Settlement and Procedures Act…a Federal law and I found the section covering redisclosure. Here it [...]

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It was announced today both Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac will implement a ban on foreclosures and evictions on occupied 1-4 unit properties from November 26th to January 9th, 2009. This is the first sign of compassion I’ve seen from the GSE’s since the foreclosure crisis began a few years ago. This will ease the [...]

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As expected housing starts, building permits, and consumer prices were reported down today signaling our worries about a recession turning into a depression are well founded. Housing starts and building permits hit record lows in October according to the Commerce Department report released today. Housing starts were down 4.5% to an annual rate of 791,000, [...]

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Here’s the question…. “My ex-boyfriend and I bought a home together and now he has skipped at least 2 or 3 payments. He will be moving in a few days, it was to my understanding that since he was the “Borrower” on our mortgage, and I the “Co-Borrower”, that he would no longer have his [...]

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Loan modifications at first blush seem not only the humane thing to do in the middle of a foreclosure crisis, but also a practical alternative for lenders who’d rather not take back properties dropping in value. Loan modifications are the proverbial “win-win” solution to keeping folks in their homes and viable loans on the books. [...]

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Recording Fee – Glossary Term

A recording fee is a fee required on every mortgage. It does not go to the broker, loan officer, or lender but to your county. Each county’s fees are different. The recording of your mortgage is the last thing done to complete the process making it part of the public records. You will see this [...]

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CitiFinancial Mortgage Review

CitiFinancial is a subsidiary retail mortgage lender and servicer of parent Citigroup Inc. (NYSE: C). We located a website, 23 telephone numbers, and a link to customer complaints. CitiFinancial Website and Phone Contacts CitiFinancial Website: CitiFinancial Phone: 800-995-2274 (215) 245-4733 (215) 538-9448 (215) 752-4469 (215) 856-9405 (215) 946-4499 (610) 253-5808 (610) 434-0191 (610) 437-0791 [...]

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