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Archive for March, 2009

SunTrust Mortgage Review

SunTrust Mortgage Inc., a wholly-owned subsidiary of SunTrust Bank, originates loans through 203 locations through correspondent and broker relationships and services loans in 50 states and the District of Columbia. We uncovered a phone number, their website, and a link for customer complaints. SunTrust Mortgage Website and Phone Contacts SunTrust Mortgage Website: SunTrust Mortgage [...]

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American Home Mortgage Servicing Review

American Home Mortgage Servicing Inc.(AHMSI) is a mortgage servicer created by WL Ross & Co. after purchasing Option One Mortgage from H&R Block for $1.3 Billion and merging it with the defunct American Home Mortgage (AHM). We uncovered four phone numbers, their website, a link to customer complaints. American Home Mortgage Servicing Website and Phone [...]

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Everyone knows the taxpayer had to takeover Freddie Mac last year. But what many do not know is President Obama’s Chief of Staff, Rahm Emanuel was once on the board of directors during it’s heyday of mismanagement. Rahm Emanuel and Freddie Mac Mr. Emanuel profited greatly during his tenure on the Freddie Mac board according [...]

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Automated Underwriting – Glossary Term

Automated underwriting is performed on every mortgage these days whether you know it or not. It can be done upfront when you take the application or later when the mortgage is submitted to underwriting. Obviously, it is much better to know upfront instead of wondering if you are approved farther into the process. Automated Underwriting [...]

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Here is the reader question: Sean says: “What relief (with the new mortgage plan) or options (without refinancing) are available to those of us out there that have good equity in our home, high beacon scores, and have made our payments on time? I recently contacted Countrywide (my lender) and asked them this questions, unfortunately, [...]

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Here is the question: Christina asks: “I have a mortgage with Carrington Mortgage Services LLC, but am behind on my payments. With this government bailout, can I get help? The problem is that I do not know who the backers of Carrington are. When I called and asked if they were part of Freddie or [...]

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The question: Bill asks: “Hello. I have a first mortgage and two home equity lines of credit. I have never been late with a payment. The value of my house is worth far less than the amount I owe, and I would like to sell it because I’m now unemployed. Is it possible to convert [...]

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Toxic Assets Plan Sends Markets Higher

The toxic assets plan Tim Geithner previewed a month ago finally got fleshed out and rolled out today. Wall Street responded with a more than 400 point rally signaling that investors now feel the Obama administration is on the right track when it comes to healing the wounded banking industry. Public Private Investment Program - [...]

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Here’s the question: Randy asks, “Is it possible to transfer a property into a corporation and out of my name? I have several mortgaged rental properties that are worth less than I owe, and an investment company has offered to take over the properties, although the loans are not assumable. Any options here?” My Answer: [...]

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