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House Foreclosure Numbers Worsen in May

House foreclosure activity is getting worse and the recently released numbers for May prove it. House foreclosure filings are actually increasing when calculated year over year for 29 consecutive months ending in May 2008 according to RealtyTrac. The report also listed the following house foreclosure stats: - 1 in 483 homes received a foreclosure notice […]

Home Equity Sinks To Record Low Triggering More Foreclosures

Home price declines are now so severe they have erased all home equity for more Americans than ever before. Home equity numbers have been recorded starting at the end of World War II and are now at there lowest level in history. For many home owners, their mortgage debt actually exceeds their home’s value…what is […]

Foreclosure Tax Reform Could Help Millions

The tax code allows for a foreclosure tax (for lack of a better word) when the lender forgives any part of the original mortgage debt. The IRS treats taxes the forgiven amount as income. For many facing foreclosure over the next few years, a loan modification called a short sale will seemingly be the proverbial […]

Pre-Foreclosure Red Herrings

In the home mortgage foreclosure world, red herrings can divert you from following viable home saving methods. Home mortgage foreclosure can be stopped by you alone, if you do not get distracted. Commit to it and success is yours. Let all the diversions, scams, and time-wasters fall on deaf ears. With that said, here are […]

Short Sale Foreclosure - How To Save Your Home

If you are needing to save your home, our short sale foreclosure method could be the ticket. If you are in an area where dropping home values are prevalent, then definitely keep reading about our short sale foreclosure way to save your home. Here is how it works to save your home from foreclosure… Short […]