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Mortgage Servicing – Glossary Term

Mortgage servicing is not always as easy as sending in your mortgage payment. It can be stressful when you deal with several different servicers or there are changes to your escrow accounts. Mortgage Servicing Definition Servicing is the act or “service” of collecting your payments, reporting mortgage payment history to credit reporting agencies, and administering [...]

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Conforming Mortgage – Glossary Term

A conforming mortgage is not the same as a conventional mortgage. However, a mortgage can be both conforming and conventional at the same time. A little confusing I know but here is the definition of a conforming mortgage. Conforming Mortgage Definition A conforming mortgage is a conventional mortgage that is less than or equal to [...]

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Mortgage Broker – Glossary Term

Mortgage brokers are just one way to get a mortgage. They usually talk about their ability to shop your mortgage to many different sources instead of the one source the bank has. Mortgage Broker Definition A mortgage broker is the middle man between you and a wholesale source that funds or provides the money for [...]

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An adjustable rate mortgage is one where the interest rate can change periodically. Many people do not think they have an ARM because of the initial fixed rate portion of the mortgage. But if the rate can ever change..even’s an adjustable rate mortgage. Adjustable Rate Mortgage Definition The 5 1 adjustable rate mortgage was [...]

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