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Here’s the question: Sunnie asks, “So here’s the deal. My husband and I are trying to refinance the house I owned with my ex-spouse. Salary and credit we are approved for the loan. The appraisal is fine. My husband still has a mortgage with his ex. The decree states that she is responsible for the [...]

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The question… “I am applying for an FHA loan with my fiancé who is divorced and still owns a home with his ex-wife. The divorce decree says that this ex-wife is responsible for the mortgage payments and the house is to go on the market when their son turns 18. However, our mortgage broker says [...]

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Here’s the question… “My fico score is 597 and I was wondering if that score is too low to get qualified for a mortgage in today’s market.” Low FICO Score & Mortgage Qualifying A credit score of 597 is considered subprime…and those loans are gone. You only hope…and it’s probably an outside shot, is some [...]

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