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Loan Modification Sales Target Loan Officers

Loan modification companies are flooding my email these days attempting to sell me “loan mods” as easily and profitable as the old subrpime mortgage pitches. I can remember all those emails of all those subprime lenders pushing every loan officer and mortgage broker in the country to sell subprime loans to anyone who could fog [...]

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The question: Are lenders of defaulted or foreclosed homes willing to short sale? The short answer is…Nope…not really. To my surprise, after reading a number of agent and buyer emails, lenders are showing limited interest in accepting “short sale” offers. Lenders Hate Short Sales To explain quickly, a short sale, is asking a foreclosing lender [...]

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Pre-Foreclosure Red Herrings

In the home mortgage foreclosure world, red herrings can divert you from following viable home saving methods. Home mortgage foreclosure can be stopped by you alone, if you don’t get distracted. Commit to it and success is yours. Let all the diversions, scams, and time-wasters fall on deaf ears. With that said, here are the [...]

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