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Better Mortgage Rates Due To Market Slide

The huge decline in the stock market today could produce an unanticipated drop in mortgage rates and kick off a bout of home buying and refinancing. Stock market traders today overwhelming believe a Fed rate cut is coming as well. Stock Market Beating Today Lead To Lower Rates The Lehman Bros bankruptcy annoucement today combined [...]

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Mortgage Refinance: What Is Your Goal?

I have a bit of mortgage refinance advice that will sound so obviously beneficial, and yet it is rarely followed. Before that, let me ask you a few questions about your last home mortgage refinance. Mortgage Refinance Loan Questions “Did you only look at lowering your payment as the primary determining factor as to whether [...]

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Fannie Mae’s CEO, Daniel H. Mudd testified before the House Committee on Financial Services today and unveiled a commitment to those subprime borrowers who need new options now that their earlier mortgage decisions are proving to be disastrous. In typical “borrow from Peter to pay Paul” fashion, this new initiative involves refinancing out of the [...]

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Bad Credit Refinance Barriers

In addition to the credit issues, the bad credit refinance is facing barriers of dropping home values, loss of cash-out programs, and the loss of many bad credit lenders. A bad credit refinance home loan is a loan that replaces an existing loan with a borrower who typically has less than 600 credit score. Bad [...]

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