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Obama Mortgage Plan - Tag Page

Everyone knows the taxpayer had to takeover Freddie Mac last year. But what many do not know is President Obama’s Chief of Staff, Rahm Emanuel was once on the board of directors during it’s heyday of mismanagement. Rahm Emanuel and Freddie Mac Mr. Emanuel profited greatly during his tenure on the Freddie Mac board according [...]

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Here is the reader question: Sean says: “What relief (with the new mortgage plan) or options (without refinancing) are available to those of us out there that have good equity in our home, high beacon scores, and have made our payments on time? I recently contacted Countrywide (my lender) and asked them this questions, unfortunately, [...]

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Here is the question: Christina asks: “I have a mortgage with Carrington Mortgage Services LLC, but am behind on my payments. With this government bailout, can I get help? The problem is that I do not know who the backers of Carrington are. When I called and asked if they were part of Freddie or [...]

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Obama’s mortgage plan now has a website to explain the refinancing and loan modification assistance in this convoluted plan. The website called gets reviewed here, not the efficacy of the plan itself. Reviewed First I’m not sure why the government picked this domain name. Doesn’t it make more sense if you like these [...]

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