Counter proposals are very common when buying and selling real estate because they are part of the negotiation process. It is nice because it does the negotiating for you.

You don’t have to sit down across the table with the other party. Your agent presents it to the other agent who presents it to their clients and they either say yes or no.

Counter Proposal Definition

A counterproposal is a document used after a contract to buy and sell real estate is presented to the seller. The seller may accept the contract by signing or modify the terms with an addendum to the contract in a new additional document called a counterproposal.

After that the buyer can also counter back the counter proposals will go back and forth until you both agree on an offer.

A counterproposal is also called a counter-offer.

Counterproposals are used most often for negotiating price. The buyer will submit a contract at one price and the seller will accept all the original contract terms, but “counter the offer” adjusting only the price.

When both parties have agreed on all conditions and both parties have signed the counterproposal, the contract is in force.

Price isn’t the only thing you can counter. It is a negotiation until both people sign so up to that point, you can counter on the dates things have to be completed, seller contributions, what appliances stay, etc.

If the other party does not accept the counter proposal, then you have the original contract submitted and decide if you can live without the things you countered.

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