Here’s the question:

“I recently paid my mortgage in full, but the country records office has no proof. How do I show them I don’t owe the mortgage company any more money? What is the process and proof my mortgage is paid in full?”

My Answer:

Once a borrower has paid the mortgage in full, the mortgage company is responsible for executing a document called a Satisfaction of Mortgage ( or in some States called a Deed of Reconveyance) and recording with the appropriate County Recorders Office. The recording of the Satisfaction of Mortgage puts on public record the fact there is no longer a lien against the property for the mortgage and is also the proof the mortgage is paid in full.

If the Satisfaction of Mortgage is NOT recorded by the mortgage company after a statutory time period following the payoff of the mortgage in full, there are usually fines levied and the mortgage company must still comply with the process.

This occurrence is rare, but it does happen.

I would advise you to get a copy of the Satisfaction of Mortgage either from the lender or the County Records Office and keep it in a safe place.

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