The Texas Attorney General arrested four this week who brazenly continued their mortgage fraud operation while out on bail. Authorities re-arrested the mortgage fraud gang adding additional charges to earlier indictments.

Texas Mortgage Fraud Continues

The Texas Attorney General released a press release announcing new charges for a previously indicted mortgage fraud gang saying,

“The four have operated a Kaufman County real estate business since late 2005 known as Torenia Inc., doing business as Energy Homes. Because the four continued to operate this allegedly fraudulent enterprise even after the announcement of the Navarro County indictments last February - and have continued to operate this business until last week - Attorney General Abbott’s prosecutors sought and received a court order Friday increasing their bonds to $100,000 each in the pending Navarro County case. The four closed their previous Navarro County business, One Way Home & Land, after litigation and investigations in late 2005 and moved their enterprise to Kaufman County under a new assumed name, Torenia.”

The fraud involved falsifying mortgage loan applications to insure HUD loan approvals for home buyer who otherwise wouldn’t qualify. The new charges are:

Engaging in organized criminal activity;

Making false statements to obtain property or credit;

Securing the execution of documents by deception;

Misapplication of fiduciary property;

Money laundering

How dumb do you have to be to keep committing this same mortgage fraud over and over…I guess dumb enough to get caught, eh?

Good Luck!

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