Mortgage stock prices are dropping like a stone creating a huge profit opportunity. Since then a most mortgage stock prices have literally freefallen. Novastar’s stock (symbol: NFI) dropped 40% in one day down to about $15 a share. Today Novastar has dropped even further down to $2.08 another 60%.

If anyone had short this stock, they’d be rich. But it doesn’t end there…oh no. New Century stock (symbol: NEW), dropped to zero when they claimed bankruptcy last year. Accredited (symbol: LEND) mortgage stock has dropped to zero upon bankruptcy too. These huge mortgage stock drops…all the way to zero…would have made one even more.

All of these mortgage stocks dropped around $30 a share in about 5 months. If you shorted 10,000 shares of each, you’d be worth $600,000…over a half a million today! 20,000 shares…

$1,200,000…Now that’s becoming a millionaire the easy way.

Is this widespread mortgage stock slide over? Not by a long shot. There are a ton of other mortgage stock price declines to come.

Don’t let this opportunity to profit from mortgage stock declines slip through your fingers.

Make up for any short falls in your retirement accounts by grabbing these investment opportunities when they appear. You will lose value in your home over the next few years..maybe as much as 40%. Shorting the mortgage stock declines could be a “hedge” for you to make up the loss.

Do not pass “GO”, do not collect $200…short the mortgage stock arena and collect a lot more!

Look into to it today!

PS:All investments have risk. This is not an offer of securities or investment advice. Invest at your own risk. Seek advice from your investment and legal counsel before making any investments.

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