Here’s the question…then I’ll answer it below.

“Are there any 100% mortgage programs for apartment buildings?”

My Answer:

I get this question a lot so I’m surprised I have yet to answer it.

Investor mortgage programs are always very tight on underwriting standards especially the loan-to-value (LTV) quidelines.

Apartment building mortgage programs are even more so since it is a special investment property which takes highly skilled and experienced business people to make it profitable.

Given this, lenders are not now nor have they been creating mortgage programs with no paymnent or what you are calling 100% LTV mortgage programs.

On top of that, no experienced real estate or apartment building investor would want one. Apartment investors know cashflow is king and therefore a lower mortgage balance is what creates a building that cashflows. The only way to get a lower mortgage balance is to put more money down…and borrow the least amount possible.

Good question!

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