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Qualifying – Glossary Term

Mortgage qualifying or what is also know as prequalification is when the borrower provides information about their income, assets, credit, debts, etc. to the mortgage originator. They or a computer analyze all the information and decide if the borrower can be approved for the mortgage they are applying. Mortgage Qualifying Definition Qualifying mortgage loan rules [...]

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Here’s the question… “My fico score is 597 and I was wondering if that score is too low to get qualified for a mortgage in today’s market.” Low FICO Score & Mortgage Qualifying A credit score of 597 is considered subprime…and those loans are gone. You only hope…and it’s probably an outside shot, is some [...]

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Here’s the entire question, “My husband and I are married, his credit is perfect and mine is poor. Do you think he should put the property on his name only? If we are married it is legally both of ours, right? “ Spousal Bad Credit The mortgage approval is largely dependent on all borrowers credit [...]

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