Here’s the entire question,

“My husband and I are married, his credit is perfect and mine is poor. Do you think he should put the property on his name only? If we are married it is legally both of ours, right? “

Spousal Bad Credit

The mortgage approval is largely dependent on all borrowers credit scores so to answer your question,

“Yes, it’s better to leave the poor credit spouse off the mortgage application and the sales contract.”

For more read our glossary term FICO Score.

The problem with leaving your spouse of the application is you know longer get to use that spouses income for mortgage qualifying. This could limit the amount of mortgage and thereby lower the sales price of the home you can buy.

In community property states the marriage license gives the non-titled spouse an ownership interest. Of course, a will leaving the house to the non-titled spouse would insure ownership without question should the titled spouse die.

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