I have compiled a few resources on average mortgage rate data and yield spread premium starting with Congressional testimony from experts and ending with average mortgage rate resources online.

Be sure to read the Harvard Professor Jackson’s testimony if nothing else….

Harvard Professor’s Conclusions on YSP

Mr. Olson’s Senate Testimony

More Average Mortgage Rate Survey Links

Fannie Mae Weekly Yield Data - This the Wholesale Market Rate. Too bad they only publish a weekly average mortgage rate survey instead a daily.

Freddie Mac Primary Market Survey This is a survey of over 125 banks, brokers and mortgage companies who provide the rate and points data for that days locked commitments. In other words, it is the retail rate in the market that day as an average mortgage rate!

I’d stick with HSH.com since the Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac average mortgage rate data is less fresh.

Yield Spread Premium Government, Legislative, and Law Firm Links

Senate Banking Committee Press Release

Culpepper v. Inland Mortgage Corp. (6/22/1998, No. 97-6109)

Prepared Statement of Ms. Susan M. Johnson A Private Citizen from Minnesota

Opening Statement - Chairman Sarbannes-Senate Banking Committee

Good Luck!


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