Here’s the reader question…then I’ll answer.

“My loan is being serviced by EMC. Please advise me what to do to lock in my interest for an extended time and cost involved.”

Mortgage servicing companies including yours are the first contact to attempt to negotiate a loan modification to your existing mortgage.

Loan modifications are not easy to negotiate but they are becoming easier as banks and their servicing companies are realizing they can’t continue to simply foreclose on everyone…this and renewed pressure from State Attorneys Generals, consumer groups, and the Federal government are helping.

Asking your current servicer for a permanent loan modification is what is necessary. They all have procedures in place to request such a modification.

Of course, those who succeed know how to request, what to say, who to speak to, and how to close the deal takes unique knowledge. This knowledge is too vast to put in this answer…so we put that knowledge in a book for you.

You might consider learning just how to speak to these mortgage servicing companies to strike the best deal to avoid foreclosure by reading our book, Loan Mod Category

Good Luck!

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