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We have a HELOC that we have been paying on time no lates. However, our 1st mortgage may go into default. What happens? If the 1st does go into foreclosure are we still responsible for the HELOC?


What Happens To HELOC During Foreclosure?

My answer:

Since the HELOC (Home Equity Line of Credit) is subordinate to the first mortgage the HELOC lender has the option of curing your default to protect their HELOC. Click on our Glossary term to learn more about Subordination.

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The reality is subordinate lenders never do since it would take all your back payments to cure and then they would also be on the hook for the monthly payment going forward. Of course, they would then file a foreclosure on their lien position and most likely end up with the house. Another outcome they want to avoid at all costs.

So the answer to your question is the HELOC with be extinguished by the foreclosure of the first mortgage. But as with all things legal in nature, I must say, I am not an attorney and do not take this as legal advice…just my opinion.

Get an attorney and know for sure.

On another note…don’t let the first mortgage foreclose. Lenders are more willing to negotiate on defaulted first mortgages getting permanent loan modifications for foreclosure victims at payments they can afford to make.

Don’t give up on saving your home without talking to the lender or servicer.

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Great question!

Good Luck!

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