It is about noon MST as I write this and wanted to let you know about the mortgage rate markets today.

I stay updated in real time on mortgage rates by watching a smart guy who writes at MBS Commentary.

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And about two hours ago, this guy, Adam, predicted lenders would be sending out rate sheets with better rates soon.

…and that’s exactly what happened!

I got a rate adjustment email from a number of lenders just a few minutes ago.

Anyway here’s what Adam said more than two hours ago.

ALERT: Reprices For The Better Are Probable If Current Levels Hold

Now if I was still a loan officer with clients to make happy, knowing this kind of timely information can save me and my clients $100′s if not, $1,000′s of dollars.

So I really like having Adam watch the markets and keep me informed.

If your loan officer is not watching the market like this, then you should!

Just click on the link and go sign up for MBS Commentary feed.

You don’t have to understand everything they say as it does get a little technical. Just wait for the “plan English” predictions.

No biggie…

How’s that for an easy way mortgage shoppers can save a ton of money with virtually no effort?

Remember it’s up to you to lock in a rate. Don’t wait around for the loan officer to call you.

In volatile markets, he or she may get really busy locking in other clients’ loans and forget to call you.

So take it upon yourself to stay abreast on the mortgage rate fluctuations in this way to know when to jump on a dip or protect yourself from a spike.

That’s all for now…

Good Luck!


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