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Mortgage Credit Score: How Important Is It?

A mortgage credit score can be different than scores you get from other places. This is important since your credit score will determine what you pay. You can get an idea of your scores from other sources but until a mortgage company pulls your credit, you will not know for certain. And one point can [...]

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MyFico Credit Service Review

I have written extensively here on FICO scores and how to improve one’s credit rating to be competive when it comes to getting a mortgage or other types of loans. I have been meaning to get to a service which purports to issue all of a clients credit scores instantly online….the MyFico Credit Service. So [...]

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Here’s the entire question, “My husband and I are married, his credit is perfect and mine is poor. Do you think he should put the property on his name only? If we are married it is legally both of ours, right? “ Spousal Bad Credit The mortgage approval is largely dependent on all borrowers credit [...]

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