Lowermybills.com owned by Experian InteractiveSM is a mortgage lead generation website that matches you up with lenders. They also collect leads for debt relief, students loans, insurance, credit, etc.

Lowermybills.com Mortgage Review

The parent company of Experian InteractiveSM is Experian plc headquartered in Dublin, Ireland which has operations in 40 countries employing about 15,000 workers. The part of their business that involve direct to consumer contact, like Lowermybills.com, is only about 18% of what they do. Most of their revenue is generated providing information services to corporate clients. They generated almost $4 billion in revenues in their last fiscal year.

In the US, Experian is also one of the major credit repositories so when a 3 score credit report is pulled in the US one of the scores is an Experian produced score. The other 2 major credit bureaus are Equifax and TransUnion.

As a lead generation website, you won't be doing a loan with Experian as they are not a lender. The lenders are in their network, and you will be forwarded to one or more of the network mortgage providers.

I must start by saying neither I nor Terri have attempted to fill out a form on their website but I do know a little about what happens when you do.

1. You will be asked toward the end of the form for your SSN.

Note: Take a look at our post called the Top 5 Biggest Consumer Complaints!

2. Even if you back out of the form, you'll still get matched lenders calling

A little full disclosure is in order. We, on this website collect leads, so I am not 100 percent unbiased.

With that said, collecting SSNs for a mortgage lead inquiry is a little premature. I think that should wait for the final originating lender to do…not for the initial website to do.

Next, if a web visitor wants to back out of a form, they should be allowed to do just that. It's my belief none of their information should be stored or used until the final “Submit” button is hit.

Lowermybills.com Contact Information

Lowermybills.com Phone: (800) 648-5049
(310) 998-6900

Website: www.lowermybills.com

Address: 6701 Center Drive West, Suite 300, Culver City, CA 90045

Lowermybills.com Visitor Company Ratings

Could I have a moment of your time? We need you, if you've used their services, to let us know what you thought of LowerMyBills.com matching services. If you've worked with one of the network lenders, tell us about the matched company's mortgage rates. Tell us about any problems, complaints, or scams…or if everything went perfectly…tell us that!

Either way, our future readers need to hear your experience, good or bad, with this company.


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