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Equity Loans Category

Well, the Mortgage Insider, got cited in the Washington Post where I discussed the financially irresponsible practice of paying off credit card debt with home equity loans. The reporter, Dan Rafter, who interviewed me for his story, “For Every Loan, a Proper Use: There’s More Than One Way to Tap Home Equity” did a good [...]

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Equity Mortgages - Where to Find the Best Deals

You can get a home equity mortgage loan from almost any banking or mortgage institution. A broker, your local bank, big nationwide banks, credit unions, or investment firms like Etrade and others all sell home equity mortgages. Best Home Equity Mortgage? This is the only time I would say not to use a mortgage broker [...]

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HELOC Mortgage Dangers

There are dangerous differences between a HELOC mortgage and a traditional home equity loan. Ignorance of HELOC mortgage differences in home equity loans can cause real trouble. So, let’s get started unraveling those dangers…. A HELOC mortgage is a line of credit securitized by the equity in your house and sits usually in second lien [...]

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