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Mortgage Fraud Category

Mortgage Servicing Company Refinancing

The servicing mortgage company is the company to whom you make your payments. The servicing mortgage banks often benefit from the belief you can save time and money refinancing with them. Refinancing with your current servicing mortgage company gives you no guarantee of cost or time savings! But mortgage shoppers don’t know that. Another misguided [...]

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The Texas Attorney General arrested four this week who brazenly continued their mortgage fraud operation while out on bail. Authorities re-arrested the mortgage fraud gang adding additional charges to earlier indictments. Texas Mortgage Fraud Continues The Texas Attorney General released a press release announcing new charges for a previously indicted mortgage fraud gang saying, “The [...]

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Real Estate Agent Mortgage Referral Pitfalls

Using a referral from a real estate agent to locate your mortgage company is very common and very dangerous. When it comes to getting the best mortgage provider and the best deal, real estate agent referrals can cost you dearly! A referral from an agent assumes the agent knows more about the mortgage process than [...]

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